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Indemne Polyneuropathie

Indemne Myélopathie Dégérative

Indemne dysplasie des hanches et des coudes


Producteur : Damien Curot

Née le 09/08/20

Rec (A) Legend Of Wanji Of Blue Track

Pameiyut Iyaroak

Snowcreek's Chamber Of secrets Uyak Geronimo Grip (A)
Aluk's Ray'n On Snocreek (A)
Pameiyut Tadlimat (A) Ch Black Lotus X_File Secret Weapon (A)
Pameiyut Tarralikitak (A)
 Ch Dakota Of Mountain Pack (A) (ED-0) Ch Souvenir Of Sitka's Artic-Lady-Killer (A) Ch Atanik's Kuskokwim Incognito (A)
Ch Souvenir Of Sitka's Something Blue (A)
Souvenir Of Sitka's Bloody Mary (A) (ED-0) Ch Tomawak du Souffle d'Autan (A)
Ch Souvenir Of Sitka's Special Song (A)

Multi Ch Bright Northern Star's Ibella (A)

Ch Kinuk's Ice Man (A) Ch Chief Crown's Shamanrock (A)  Ch Moon Song's Captain Moon Ray (A)
Ch Blessed Love of Montego (A)
 Ch Staghorn's Pinch Me I'm Dreaming Ch Taolan's Traces Of The Cat
Ch Staghorn's Dream Angel
Ch Bright Northern Star's Discovery (A) Elite A Gift For Stormy Monday Of Selawik River (A) Ch Atanik's Kuskokwim Incognito (A)
Ch Kamelot Just a Celtic Dream (A)
Ch Bright Northern Star's Vintuka (A)  Elite A Bright Northern Star's Taro (A)
 Ch Silver Lady Du Souffle D'Autan (A)